The North West Lawn Mower Racing Association

The North West Lawn Mower Racing Association is the original lawnmower racing community …. we are hoping to attract more racers to our sport, which donates any profits made at meetings to various charities, such as the National Childrens Home, and the “Make a Wish” organisation. Our other project is Check out this website as well.

The sport of Lawnmower racing was “invented” in a pub in Sussex back in 1973, by a group of people who were moaning about the prohibitive costs of getting involved with motor sports…..after a number of drinks, they hit upon the idea of racing their lawnmowers, and the sport was born. Shortly after this, a northern group was formed in Manchester. The sport remains the cheapest form of motorsport to this day….modifications to machines are restricted, so a competitive machine can still be built for a modest outlay.

The NWLMRA hold an average of about a dozen meetings a year at various country shows, motor shows and other public events, between May and September. The highlight of the season is the annual six hour endurance race which usually attracts a number of racers from the southern group as well. As I mentioned, all profits go to charities….there are no big pay outs for the winners!

Racing Lawnmowers are divided into a number of classes, ranging from Group 1’s, which the “driver” runs behind, to Group 4’s, which are machines based on small garden tractors. These machines are capable of speeds approaching 50mph…..which is nothing like Formula 1…..but more than fast enough on a lawnmower in a bumpy field! The racing itself is highly competitive, though very good natured….there is very much a social side to the sport as well. Racers score points throughout the season towards the final standings which are announced at the last event and presentation night…..which usually carries on well into the small hours!