Richie is currently a member of the worlds most successful motorsport simulation team.

Motorsport Simulation is a vital tool for optimizing driver performance and assisting with track familiarization. Over the years simulation software has become increasingly more accurate and therefore more relevant. Thanks to Laser scanning, many of the globes most popular circuits are accurately constructed virtually in conjunction with various car and tyre models that are typically in constant development in order to edge closer to reality. It's very rare to come across a driver in current times who isn't used to testing or competing in a virtual environment. Richie is an active member of the online simulation racing service and currently competes in the iRacing Pro Road Series & will compete in next years Drivers World Championship which is widely regarded as the most competitive virtual racing championship in the world.

2012/13 iRacing Pro Road Series Champion
The illustrious Pro Road Series is arguably one of the worlds most competitive online racing series in which all of the up and coming drivers are in the hunt for a 2013 World Championship license. The series features a 2009-specification Williams F1 car (or more commonly known as the Williams FW31) and tours a large variety of laser scanned F1-suitable circuits which are available on the service. Drivers spend the first 3-quarters of 2012 qualifying for the pro series by acceding through a ranking system and earning the required race licence to ensure only the best drivers are qualified to race in the series which is held during the 4th quarter of the year. The top 25 drivers in the Pro Series Championship standings will earn the required licence to take part in the 2013 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, arguably the most competitive online simulation championship in the world. 

Richie qualified for the Pro Series during the 3rd quarter of 2012 whilst restricted purely to simulation due to recovering from an injury which put a hold to real-life racing commitments. Richie managed to win the 2012/13 iRacing Pro Road Series Championship after having won 5 out of the 9 races.